Annaprashan Photography not only needs good photography skills but also patience and deep knowledge of the event. Annaprashan photography or Mukhe-Bhaath is done when a baby is fed rice for the first time. Digiart expertise in baby photography and can help you capture the candid moments of Annaprashan

Annaprashan or Mukhebhaat or  First Rice feeding ceremony

Why should we go for Annaprashan Photography?

First Rice Ceremony is also known as Annaprashan in Bengali. It’s an auspicious day, wherein the new born baby is fed rice for the first time.

The joyful moments for the annaprashan comes after 6 months of baby boy and 7 months for a baby girl. Obviously its a once in a lifetime activity and we must capture the candid moments to be cherished throughout the life. 




One professional photographer

200 photos to choose from

50 HD Photo Color corrected and edited

2-3 hours of shoot extra hour will be 5k extra

Client location Hyderabad



1 Professional Photographer
1 Traditional Videographer

A Photoshoot of approximately 3-4 hours

unlimited Photos to choose from. Traditional Video coverage of the entire event.

3-4 hours of shoot ( extra hours will be 5k extra) Album can be provided at an extra charge of Rs 500 per sheet

Client location Hyderabad / outstation travel charges as actual



1 Candid Professional Photographer cum traditional photographer 1 Cinematographer

A Photoshoot of approximately 3-4 hours.

Unlimited Photos to choose from. Cinematic video of the entire event as well as cinematic teaser of the event with slow motion song.

150 pictures each colour corrected and edited also RAW pics of the shoot. Album can be provided at an extra charge os Rs 500 per sheet.

Client location Hyderabad / outstation travel charges as actual

Rice feeding ceremony is also said Annaprashan in Sanskrit term, which accurately means “grain initiation” in Rice feeding ceremony. Its basically an event where in the family members come together and celebrates the next phase in the life of a new born where in he or she starts taking staple foods like rice and daal etc other than mother’s milk or supplement milk.

A famous Hindu custom, Annaprashan marks the beginning of strong food in your child’s life. Following this custom, you’ll gradually begin to bring other weaning food sources into your child’s eating regimen. While the customs of the service might vary reliable with the locale, Annaprashan basically commends your child’s change to solid food.

Which month of the baby is best for Annaprasana?

By and large, this custom is distinctively performed for a baby boy and a baby girl. The month generally shifts in the event of a child young lady and a child kid. For a girl, annaprasan is celbrated in odd months generally in the fifth or seventh months of the child and for a child boy, it is typically conducted in even months like the 6th or eighth month of the child.

Reason for Celebrating Annaprashan?

Annaprashanam is performed to check the start of the child’s most memorable strong food admission. From this day, Baby begins having different food varieties other than mother’s milk.

How is Annaprashanam Celebrated

The rituals slightly changes in various societies. All in all, they start the cycle by offering a puja for children’s great wellbeing and the wide range of various customs are performed by the elders and the well wishers.

Which location Annaprasan can be performed?

For the most part, Annaprasan is celebrated at home, with proper décor and photography as well as videography to capture the best moments. Some people prefer to do it at the temple premises as well. Notwithstanding, some really like to do the function outdoors as a major occasion.

Best Dress For Annaprashan ceremony for the baby:

Traditional Wear:

Classic dresses could be the most lovable dresses for little ones. Most ideal dress would be ethnic wear that could also help in good photographs for the baby. The baby boy kid could be spruced up in merry tones with Dhoti Kurta, or Payjama and Punjabis. Dresses tweaked with novel and conventional style could assist with making an alternate and unadulterated ethnic look. The baby girl could be spruced up with a wonderful saree matching it with a hairband as it could give an immaculate search for the photoshoot. Lahenga-choli is additionally never outdated. Keep in mind, the dresses should be comfortable and airy as well as body-embracing.

Annaprashan Rituals:

Each festival and local rituals in India has its own customs. It simply changes with various societies and convictions. These ceremonies and convictions make this event more beautiful and vivacious.

  1. Bath With Haldi Water:

This is the main custom among the Bengalis during annaprasan. The Baby is given bath with warm water mixed with turmeric, rose petals and milk. Ceremonies are performed aside and that is the right time to take some creative pictures and cinematic videos.

  1. Pooja:

Reciting mantras and doing puja is viewed as the holiest thing to be done in any pious function. Mostly, Narayan puja is performed as one of the ceremonies for a child’s wellbeing and bliss.

  1. Mama Bhat:

This is the most delighted episode in the entire custom. The maternal uncle begins taking care of the child, and the child tastes the solid food Payasam or “Kheer” for the first time. Subsequent to seeing such countless flavorful food varieties, the tremendous bliss that is reflected in children’s eyes is beyond anything that can be put into words. This could be the most beautiful moment that can be caught in time and space.

  1. Ritual Fun Games:

A few exceptional items are kept on a plate where each of them represents something. Like, gems represent riches, the pen represents intelligence, books represent knowledge, advancing so forward, and the child is urged to pick one. The one that is picked, shows their area of interest or is considered as destiny. This entire situation is captured truly as it portrays the entire story later through videos and photos.

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