Engagement Photography needs dedicated photographers who are skilled in event photography and portrait photography. Congrats, you are about to get engaged and it’s a prelude to a new beginning of your life. So we help you capture this beautiful event of your lifetime. We are specialized in event photography, we believe in quality and creativity, which we assure you will be seeing in the photo albums that you get after the photoshoot. Engagement Photography is the Prelude to The WEDDING so it needs to be perfect, as we all know First Impression is the last impress. Digiart Photography’s Engagement Photoshoot Package starts from just Rs 15,000 only for 2-3 hours of a photoshoot done by professional engagement photographers in Hyderabad


Pick the Engagement Photoshoot package that best fits your budget. All packages offer a full money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the output. If you are looking for complete Event Management Company, you can contact our partner ODYSSEY WONDER



One professional photographer

200 photos to choose from

40 HD Photo Color corrected and edited

Three - Four Hours of photoshoot. Extra Time will be charged extra. 4k Per Hour

Client location Hyderabad



1 Professional Photographer
1 Traditional Videographer

A Photoshoot of approximately 3-4 hours

Unlimited Photos to choose from.
Full coverage of the event

Approx 200 edited pics and all RAW pics (Photo album will be charged separately) "Per Sheet Rs 500 for Canvera Quality Non tearable glossy finish"
"Per Sheet Rs 300 for Standard Quality Non tearable glossy finish"

Client location Hyderabad / outstation travel charges as actual



1 Photographer ( Who takes both Candid Photography plus traditional photography) 1 Cinematographer / Videographer

A Photoshoot of approximately 3-4 hours.

Unlimited Photos to choose from.
Full Coverage of the event

250 pictures each colour corrected and edited also RAW pics of the shoot. Video teaser of the event also complete footage.
Album 25 sheets non tearable glossy finish

Client location Hyderabad / outstation travel charges as actual

Engagement Photography


Engagement photography, allow photographers to get to know their clients before the big day. Photographers can practise, experiment, and explore new creative ideas during these planned, controlled shoots without a wedding day’s pressures or time restraints. The best approach to becoming a better engagement photographer is to go out and shoot. However, to assist you in having the best session possible and to ensure a positive experience for everybody involved, we’ve put together the best tips for taking engagement photographs.


What is engagement photography?

Engagement photography is the term for images of recently engaged couples. It entails taking pictures of the proposal, creative couple portraits, and photo shoots to remember the event. Usually, engagement photos are made into collages, large posters, or albums. They require high-resolution image files, adequate lighting, and razor-sharpness. However, to avoid sounding cliche, they demand a lot of creativity.


Best tips to take engagement photographs

1. Preview the couple and keep them connected

It doesn’t mean you should indeed interview the couple before hiring them. Before the event, get to know these people. Meet them for a coffee, a meal, or a brief phone chat. Finding precisely what this couple wants will make getting their engagement photos easier. Please find out more about the characters and the dynamic between them.

This photography tip for an engagement speaks for itself. Keep the couple’s bond intact. They’ll surely be scared (especially if they’re not quite at ease with you yet), but do your best to maintain their interest in one another. This leads me to my next point.


2. Plan out the details and wardrobe

The location of your session is one of the most critical engagement shoot ideas. You may even use Pinterest to understand your client’s tastes better. It shows you what to leave out of your engagement session photos.

A proper grasp of the consumers’ personalities and interests is necessary for actual lifestyle photography. Create a Pinterest mood board for your client to help you better understand their style, decide where to do your engagement session, and get a better sense of the atmosphere and feel they seek.

Create Pinterest mood boards with images from your typical shooting locations. This can be used as a resource for your clients and a great marketing tool.

Moreover, ensure your engagement session goes smoothly, and discuss the outfits the couple will be wearing and whether they will bring any potential props. This engagement session advice will ensure no unpleasant shocks when you get there.


3. Lighting details and flash photography

Please ask the couple about their preferred lighting during the walkthrough long before you meet them for the photoshoot. Do they like how airy and bright it is? Or do they choose portraits that appear theatrical and editorial?

Most photographers use natural light when they are working. It is an excellent option for engagement photos and is typically more straightforward to use than flash. Portrait photography is most prevalent during the last hour or so of the day due to how gorgeous the light is at that time. Even though you’re utilising natural light, you can nonetheless alter it. Many people know to use the dependable 5-in-1 Reflector to modify natural light. They are affordable and, more importantly, efficient.

Also, flash photography comes in two flavours: on-camera flash and off-camera flash. Again, it’s up to your client whether or not you use flash photography throughout your session. It’s time to apply your flash photography skills if they opt for a more dramatic look.


4. Do not focus on the face and be vocal

Doesn’t this seem silly for engagement photos? Of course, you need to capture the couple’s expressions on camera! Instead, attempt to concentrate on something else. The bride-to-be should be photographed from the knee down, with her foot raised as if they were kissing. Make sure to take multiple pictures with the engagement ring on display! She is speaking to him in a whisper. Shoot them from the neck down. All of this is interesting and pleasing to the eye.

The most crucial guidance we can give you regarding engagement photographs is to speak up. Have some fun with the two of them and suggest different poses for them to try. Talk to them casually to help them relax. If you’re funny, tell a few jokes to lighten the mood. If you lead them, they will do the same. Many couples would like you to hold their hands and lead them down the aisle for their engagement pictures. Use this talent to your advantage! You are free to produce something extraordinary, ground-breaking, and original. Once the editing is done, they’ll appreciate it!


5. Freeze the subject and add various movements

Making the most of your camera’s potential is a great way to boost the creativity you put into every one of your projects. Shutter speed can draw attention to movement in scenes with motion (such as those with moving water, people, or busy locations). This is excellent night photography advice for couples getting married since it uses more prolonged exposure to slow down time and produce motion blur.

By shifting the focus plane, a tilt-shift lens lets you focus on several objects concurrently to add interest or change perspective. At first, using a tilt-shift lens can be challenging, but practice makes perfect, like any other technique. Because the focus plane is such a novel viewpoint, understanding how it operates is the biggest challenge.

A vast area can be compressed into a single image using panoramic photography. You may produce high-resolution environmental photographs that showcase your subjects and their surroundings by using the Brenizer Method. The ideal lenses for wide-aperture panoramic stitching are shallow depth of field and high compression.

Moreover, a great way to spice up your scene is to use objects with reflective and prismatic properties to create distinctive flare qualities in your image.


What more to include in an engagement photography session?

Engagement photography includes close-ups, close-ups, and environmental photos. As a result, the photo shoot might focus on various engagement photo poses that complement the couple’s personalities and close-ups of the couple, engagement rings, flower bouquets, and other items.

Engagement photos might also show the venue and atmosphere of the proposal. Engagement pictures frequently feature the couple’s silhouettes against a beautiful sunset backdrop.

The couple may switch up their poses, outfits, and settings throughout the photo shoot for their engagement pictures. They might swing between formal and enjoyable engagement photos, letting the photographer catch them as they are. Because engagement photography is about people and their emotions, all photo sessions should be different.


Wrapping Up

We hope you found the tips and suggestions for engagement helpful in photography. You can surpass your customers’ expectations if you take the time to get to know them and learn what they want. The technical components of recording the session will advance as you schedule additional appointments. Thus, your photography business will grow based on how you handle it. Reread these instructions before your workouts to be energised and prepared.


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