Matrimonial Photography also called as Marriage purpose photoshoot, needs the photographer to be an expert in Portrait Photography, and both the photographer as well as the the client must have a good “on-ground” chemistry, only then the pictures will come out good. You are beautiful and Our Matrimonial photography service helps you look more glamorous on the stills. You will look more gorgeous and all your facial features will be displayed at its best, you deserve the best. You will get the best photographs ever. 

Our Maternity Photoshoot package starts from Rs 10000 only for one to two hours of photoshoot. 


Pick from our Matrimony Photography package, a package that best fits your budget. All packages offer a full money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the output. If you are looking for a complete Wedding package you can Contact our Event Management Team ODYSSEY WONDER. We also have Best Packages for Pre Wedding and Wedding Photoshoot



One professional photographer

50 photos to choose from

10 HD Photo Color corrected and edited

2 dress changes. Time Duration maximum 1-2 Hour, extra hour will be charged 5k extra

Client location Hyderabad



1 Professional Photographer (Outdoor or Your Location)

A Photoshoot of approximately 3 hours, unlimited dress changes.

100 Photos to choose from.

10 pictures each colour corrected and edited

Client location Hyderabad



1 Candid Professional Photographer

A Photoshoot of approximately 4-5 hours.

Unlimited Photos to choose from. Unlimited dress change and multi location.

20 pictures each colour corrected and edited also RAW pics of the shoot

Client location Hyderabad

Matrimonial Photoshoot


Understanding what goes into developing a compelling Matrimonial profile is essential now more than ever as online matrimonial sites grow in popularity as a means of finding a life spouse. The importance of having a great profile to attract people cannot be overstated. This profile must be solid regarding career, education, family background, and many other aspects. According to the proverb, “first impressions are lasting impressions,” your matrimonial website photo contributes to creating that first impression. It is only natural to be pulled to an attractive profile before considering other factors. When other profile elements are beautiful, the person who made a solid first impression prevails.

The most helpful way to get seen is to upload your photo on matrimonial websites, but there is one thing to think about: would the spectator be genuinely impressed? The picture you use for your profile says a lot about you and increases the likelihood that you will get favourable replies. Because it gives people a better understanding of your personality, you should take great care when getting your picture shot. You can utilise these straightforward strategies when the time comes if you are unsure and at ease with your snapshot and are unsure how to get the right shot.

So, this blog will give tips for getting a perfect matrimonial photo shoot done.


Best tips for taking matrimonial photos

1. Include at least one head picture

It’s necessary to submit at least one expert headshot. This ought to be your primary profile photo. However, if you include four different headshots, it appears as though you are concealing something. Furthermore, the other party will only have a solid concept of who you are if your profile has a decent headshot.

2. Take multiple photographs to showcase your personality

It’s a great idea to have several profile images in addition to your headshot to improve your reputation and appeal. These pictures can be used to show off your uniqueness.

If you love cycling, include a photo of yourself riding a bike. Multiple images showing your whole body will significantly increase your credibility and headshot.

3. Feel confident enough while taking photos

It is evident when you are confident in your photography. The easiest way to appear confident is to wear a dress that fits you well.

Choose the gowns that have gotten you compliments from relatives and friends. Of course, you should dress differently if you want to shoot various profile pictures for your matrimonial website.

You should take only one picture of yourself wearing the same outfit. The audience will be able to tell right away, and you’ll come out as desperate.

4. Ensure an excellent, bright light

Your matrimonial profiles share the same fundamental principle of photography: light. Make sure the pictures are adequately lit. Investing time and money in a skilled photographer or photographic studio makes sense. Portraits benefit significantly from early morning light with soft diffused light, which can be attained near a window or early in the morning outdoors. Photographing yourself in front of a plain background without distracting objects in the environment is an easy way to do this.

Anything that is consumed in excess is wrong. When there is too much light, your eyes may become fatigued. This might happen throughout the summer, in the late mornings or the afternoons. Brilliant light appears blinding because it also creates sharp, dark shadows.

5. Occupy a good background

Remember that you are the subject of the photograph. Thus it is better to take it in tranquil environments like nature (a park, a bed of flowers, or a beach). Use plain backdrops like a wall, some foliage, or even the sky to keep things basic (remember where the light is coming from if you want the sky as your background.. it is best when the light is at an angle to you instead of it being directly behind you).

6. Do not edit much

Do not use Photoshop or any filters to enhance your photos. Permit yourself to have obvious flaws. When they meet you in person, they’ll understand. Being sincere will go you farther than hiding with malice in mind. If you have self-assurance in your appearance, no one will ever criticise you for being naturally attractive. Please avoid using any filter that changes the tone of your skin and makes it seem unnaturally flattering.

7. Keep it real

Most families run into their first difficulty when it comes to alliance photos. When an image is picked, it requires a lot of discussion among family members to determine what kind of photos are necessary. Families frequently overdo such pictures out of joy and affection. One illustration is using excessive makeup. The greatest thing to do is to present the person precisely as they are, even though there is nothing wrong with it, and it is done with good intentions. Start by laying down specific guidelines for how “realistic” you want the image to look. Such images are initially published on dating websites or sent to well-known people for matchmaking. This suggests that it should show the person as they are. It will surely be quite dissatisfying if the snapshot is off-topic and the initial step between families is based on “sheer looks.”


Some technical aspects

We must maintain simplicity. That much is true. We must simultaneously make sure there is adequate lighting. Pick a studio with effective lighting. Digiart uses state-of-the-art lighting settings to get those faultless photographs. Casting shadows won’t help you with this process, so avoid doing it on your face. There shouldn’t be any tension surrounding the shot—an uncomplicated portrait. Choose a background with simple, solid colours that do not detract from the photos. Solid colours will only serve to emphasise a person’s uniqueness.


Wrapping Up

People from all across the planet have been fascinated by India for several reasons. Despite globalisation and western influence, we still have our culture, as evidenced by how we conduct rites like weddings. Despite the prevalence of dating and “find your spouse” websites, there are still many arranged marriages in India. This is where people often suffer.

Above all, make sure to have a quick discussion with your customer to help them relax and loosen up. They have taken the initial step in creating a significant life decision (to get married). Portrait photography is the initial step, so do your best!

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