Pre Wedding Shoot is a great way to understand the chemistry of the photographer as well as the couple. This would help a lot during the main event. We take extra effort to make the bride and groom look best,  our Pre-wedding photography, Bridal Pics are mesmerizing. We have a dedicated team of pre  wedding photographers in Hyderabad. We do make creative short films on the pre-wedding shoot and our stills tell the most beautiful story of your life in the most wonderful manner. We make teasers of your pre-wedding which you can display on a live LED TV screen on the wedding day

Pre-Wedding Shoot PACKAGE

Pick our Pre Wedding Photoshoot Package which is the best in Hyderabad,  a package that best fits your budget. All Pre Wedding Shoot packages offer a full money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the output. If you are looking for a complete Wedding Event Planner, you can contact our EVENT MANAGEMENT partner ODYSSEY WONDERS



One professional photographer

10 photos to choose from

4 HD Photo Color corrected and edited

Complimentary fOUR 6x4" Print of the Selected

Client location Hyderabad



1 Professional Photographer (Outdoor or Your Location)

A Photoshoot of approximately 30 Mins

50 Photos to choose from.

10 pictures each colour corrected and edited with Prints

Client location Hyderabad



1 Candid Professional Photographer

A Photoshoot of approximately 1 hours.

Unlimited Photos to choose from.

20 pictures each colour corrected and edited also RAW pics of the shoot

Client location Hyderabad

Pre Wedding Photos - Here are some of our Pre Wedding photos collection