Baby Photoshoot needs special training and expertise. Digiart Photography expertise in Baby Photoshoot. Special care is taken for Baby Photography as  Child  Photography takes time, patience and care. Baby Photoshoot can be done anytime after six months of the newborn. The first year of the babies are the most exciting time for child photo, their true candid pictures can be captured. 

These are the most exciting time for child photo shoot perspective. Babies grow with each and every month. The look and feel of the kid’s portrait changes dramatically from month to month. For infant photography and toddler photography we use a variety of props including boxes, hats, mats, tyres, wraps are most welcome bring your own cute little dress for your cute baby pics. Child portrait comes most beautiful once they are fed properly and is relaxed. For most perfect baby photos your support is highly appreciated. Child photoshoot session can go up to two to four hours depending on the baby and his comfort zone. One year and above kids can go ahead with outdoor kids photo shoot. For more Baby Photoshoot details CLICK HERE


Photography for kids offers a scope of energizing and important learning encounters, which can boost youngsters’ confidence. Permitting kids to show their potential through inventiveness. A whole new paradigm can open if you find potential in your kid to become a junior star. Kids Photoshoot is more important because of the fact that their innocent age will pass by very soon and you will miss those moments.Let us freeze there best childhood movements so that you can cherish them for ever.  Pick from our Best Baby Photography  package that best fits your budget. We Give you the best baby photography price in whole of Hyderabad. All packages offer a full money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the output. For any outdoor event or party contact Odyssey Wonders our Event Partner.



One professional photographer

100 photos to choose from

50 HD Photo Color corrected and edited

2-3 hours of photoshoot

Client location Hyderabad



2 Professional Photographer (Outdoor or Your Location)

A Photoshoot of approximately 3-4 hours

200 Photos to choose from

200 pictures each color corrected and edited with a Photobook complimentary

Any location in and around Hyderabad



2 Candid Professional Photographer

A Photoshoot of approximately 4-6 hours.

Unlimited Photos to choose from. Unlimited dress chages.

400 pictures each colour corrected and edited also RAW pics of the shoot. A complimentary photobook.

Any location (Transportation to be borne)