House Warming or Grihapravesh or Gruhapravesam ceremony

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A housewarming ceremony, also known as a Griha Pravesh, is a ritual carried out to bring luck on the day you move into a new residence. The way is held to purify the area and protect the new residents’ homes from negative energy. People commonly visit their family priests when studying astrological charts to establish the auspicious date of the Griha Pravesh.


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The five components of a house are the sun, Earth, water, fire, and wind. The home provides exceptional health, prosperity, and, most importantly, happiness when these aspects are in harmony. A Griha Pravesh ceremony includes various rituals, and one thing that helps us to remember is the Griha Pravesh Photography. So, stay reading to learn more about the practice, and other do’s on the House Warming ceremony.

Griha Pravesh’s tips for a new home

Here are 11 tips that you must follow while moving onto your new house.

  1. Always choose an auspicious date.

It is widely believed that an auspicious day for Griha Pravesh is necessary since it provides wealth, joy, and health to the family. The spirituality of the date elevates the whole puja ritual, and Vastu Purusha, the deity of architecture and construction, bestows his celestial blessings on the home to bring good fortune.

  1. Clean the house.

The floor is always cleaned with salt water to cleanse and purify the area before the puja. The Vedic writings state that one might add vinegar, salt, and other things to the water before mopping. Cleaning every square inch of the house will make it happier and more peaceful.

  1. Purify the house.

It is said that the Ganges River’s “Gangajal” water is enlightening and purifying. Using mango leaves to sprinkle water over the house is preferred, or following the priest’s advice.

  1. Put flowers and religious symbols on display in your home.

It is considered lucky to install a Swastika or lotus symbol near the main entrance and adorn it with fresh marigold flowers called “Toran.” Making a Rangoli decorate the floor gives your new home a festive feel.

  1. Luminate your house.

There are LED lights, candles, or mud lamps in every room in the house. A few at the front entrance, windows, and balconies ensure no dark spots in the new home.

  1. Make a Vastu puja.

It is lucky if the entire family participates in Vastu Puja. Vastu Puja is carried out in a spotless home with a covered roof, shutters on the doors, and a central door decorated with mango leaves and fresh flowers. The main entrance should include a spiritual indication at either end. For certain people, Vastu Puja is followed by Ganesh Puja and Navagraha Shanti Puja.

  1. Idols should be positioned during Vastu Puja.

The placement of the idols is the puja’s most significant component. Since the sun rises in the East and is the source of vitality for Earth, the idols are placed in the East-facing corner of the home.

  1. Prepare yourself for Havan.

Havan, which involves burning plants and wood to purify the region and clean the house’s surrounds, is performed after Vastu Puja.

  1. Prepare a meal for your guests.

After puja, lunch or dinner for family and friends is organised to build relationships with neighbours and other family members at the new location because they helped the house owners make the day special.

  1. Griha Pravesh Photography

Griha Pravesh photography is a fine art that records your first movements in your new house and captures the memories in a picture. Thus, the photography studio that you look for must be aware of the importance of cultural and traditional events. So, you must look for the best that offers Griha Pravesh Photography so that you never forget and miss this function in your entire life.

  1. Moving to the new residence

Once the Havan and Vastu Puja is finished, the owners can move into the house. For the following 40 days after the puja, there must always be someone home. The home shouldn’t be locked up or abandoned.


How do you perform the ceremony’s rituals?

It is said that the Griha Pravesh Puja would rid the home of all negative energy and usher in divine positive energy. The chanting of mantras and slokas, the lighting of “Diyas,” and the spiritual decorating of the dwelling all contribute to the Griha Pravesh’s heavenly atmosphere.

So, here is how to do the puja step-by-step:

  • The ash gourd left at the home’s doorway is broken to start the ceremony.
  • The housewife breaks the coconut to represent the removal of all barriers.
  • Three sins—tree cutting, stone breaking, and soil digging—are atoned for with a Havan.
  • Then, the Navagraha Shanti Pooja, Ganesha Puja, and Vastu Shanti Puja are done.
  • Arrange a feast for family and friends to conclude the day on a happy and upbeat note.

Disposal of Griha Pravesh Puja Offerings

Before rising water pollution, individuals used to throw flowers and leaves used for puja into the sea or river, which is now prohibited. In the Griha Pravesh pooja, flowers were utilised. Dried flowers may be made into a potpourri by being dried with cinnamon or citrus peel. Utilise paan, Griha Pravesh puja flowers, banana leaves, and other natural resources to make organic compost at home. Local municipal corporations have positioned different trash cans along rivers and beaches in several locations specifically for puja offerings. One can bury unused havan materials like wood scraps, herbs, and ashes in the garden.


Final Words

In conclusion, there are several factors to consider while moving into a new home to ensure positivity and goodness, including choosing an auspicious day, ensuring the construction work is finished, and doing the Griha Pravesh puja while keeping all essentials in mind.

Thus, to help you, the article has guided you through all the rituals performed on the Griha Pravesh puja. These Griha Pravesh principles and recommendations will mitigate the adverse effects and provide spiritual delight to the house and its occupants.

Moreover, do not forget the Griha Pravesh photography if you want to keep this moment forever.

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