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Best Dress for your Maternity Photoshoot

First of all congratulations, you are going to be a mom soon. I understand you are excited about your new arrival and want to capture this moment. The real confusion is in the selection of the maternity dress. So I have made a curated list of the best dresses for your maternity photoshoot.


Pregnancy is a journey full of happiness and enjoyment. It’s also the time when you are nervous and slightly afraid, it’s also a part of the experience, and it’s a time you’ll want to record to bear in mind permanently– get in maternity pictures.

So here I have tried making a list of best maternity dress for an awesome maternity photoshoot. You will be thankful when you have maternity pictures in differing attire, specifically if it turns out you don’t feel one of the clothing was as flattering as you thought it to be.

Don’t feel limited to just a dress. For lots of expecting moms, there’s no much better way to remember their pregnancy and chronicle their motherhood journey than a professional maternity photo shoot.

Do not be scared to picture a session in your own unique design. Whether it is wearing and adorable little bikini, Or doing a milk bath maternity session, the creativity and charm is unlimited in the special genre of photography that only occurs as soon as in your life!

Textured Clothing: Your photos will look incredible if you use clothing that has texture to it by including more dimension to your pictures You can combine a chunky knit sweater with some jeans, use a lace dress, or an embroidered top. In any case the texture in the clothing will create more interest, therefore making your photos look more lovely. It’s an excellent alternative to a print or pattern. Wear a kool sweatshirt for one shoot and a sensational lace dress for another. Keep a neutral, natural look but switch it up for something different!

Try a maxi gown: Flooring or knee length maxi gowns with chunky necklaces are incredibly lovely on a pregnant body. They focus on your lovely baby bump while smoothing out and helping locations you might deem problematic. Search for a maxi gown that has texture to it.

Fitted Lycra gown:  Wearing a tight, fitted maternity gown that shows off all your lovely curves looks definitely spectacular. Many moms feel uneasy doing so, but if you pick a fitted gown you should understand that you will look awesome and the maternity pictures will be better than most normal dressed moms!

Flowy gowns: Flowing long gowns are more popular due to the fact that they feel a little less revealing. But still it makes spectacular images! Possibly try to get one in a pink or red color.

Experiment with colors:  You may have the ability to find a pattern that flatters your body in front of the camera. I advise sticking with solids, depending upon the set-up or the background, pink, red and yellows will look awesome. Black is traditional too. Because it’s not sidetracking, White is SO gorgeous and allows your bump to really reveal.

Go Classic:  If you’re investing in quality maternity photos, you don’t want to recall in 20 years thinking “why was I wearing that?!” due to the fact that something is now out of style. That’s why I prefer simply an easy flowy gown and staying with neutral, pastel tones.

Go seasonal: Is it spring? Pick soft, pastel colors. Is it winter season? Choose light blue and white, crisp and cold. Is it summer season? Include a sun hat. Is it fall? Discover a lovely cardigan or scarf.

Try matching-matching with your partner: Matching and coordinating your clothing is great, specifically for a maternity photography session. If you are both wearing white and blue, it will be awesome. Do not forget to include a couple of accessories and props to make it intriguing and simply have fun with it! It’s also a fantastic concept to choose a color scheme that will match the style.

Ribbon it:  Find a siffon or silk, adorable slim ribbon belt to emphasize that infant bump. This will specify your waist and boost any shirt or gown, fitted or flowy.

Be natural avoid, heavy makeup:  There is absolutely no need for crazy makeup. It should look natural and not a fashion show. Good facewash and hair dressing along with sunscreen ( if its outdoors) or some moisturizer would do the job perfectly fine.

Choose a fit that’s right for you:  Not all pregnant bodies are created the very same, so choose a gown or dress that will emphasize your bump. Due to the fact that it basically gives you the focus you’re missing due to pregnancy, I like anything with a waistband that sits above the bump!

If you are again confused seeing so many options believe me the the simplest way is to wear dress in which you are most comfortable. You can also rent few of your gowns from dress rental shops in your city. 

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