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What is Candid Wedding Photography?

Candid wedding photography is a style of photography where the photographer does not stage the shot, candid shot is taken as the scene happens. 

Wedding in India is an expensive and extravagant affair. Its once in a life time activity hence everyone wants to capture all the moments from the wedding day so that they cherish those moments later. In some sense it’s a must also because if you are the host, you have to keep worring about all the arrangements, the shortfalls, receiving the guests, facilitating them, co-coordinating and then on the stage occupied in the rituals. It’s for sure that you will miss the beautiful moments, people smiling, enjoying on your wedding day etc. So if a photographer can capture these moments perfectly for you to cherish later, than it would be a blessing.

The job of capturing the moments as it passes by is done by the candid photographer, and candid photography is a photography style where you take pictures without interfering with the subject or situation. You can also call it a kind of photo journalism, hence photo journalists prove to be a better candid photographer. 

Candid photography captures the moments in its essence, that is it captures all the moments as and when it happens. Its rightly said that a photograph is worth thousand words, more so through a professional candid photographer’s lens.

A Pre-wedding shoot definitely needs a candid photographer. If you did choose an exotic destination for pre-wedding shoot, then a candid photography can add authenticity to these pictures without making them look staged or fake.

These days all the couples are opting or at least desiring  for a “Kool” destination wedding. The “Kool” part of the Destination Wedding can only be achieved by hiring a professional candid photographer ( Digiart Photography)

Whatever your plans are, if you want awesome photo collection for your future to look at and cherish then a candid wedding photographer is a must.

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