Candid Wedding Photography v/s Traditional Wedding Photography

There is always a debate about Candid Wedding photography and Traditional Wedding photography and which one you should opt for. In this post will try to clear this confusion.

Wedding in India is nothing less than a festival, wedding seasons in India is alike festive times. You can often see decorated Barat on the road side, with loud music of the dhol and dance.

People wants to remember those moments of fun, joy, rituals and vows that were taken during the wedding day.

Candid Wedding photography has come a long way since its inception and Digiart photography being one of the pioneers in Candid Wedding  Photography can very well tell you the difference between candid wedding photography and Traditional wedding photography.

Candid is always instantaneous: Its real not staged

In candid photography you look hard for the moments, great laughter tear of joy, emotional greetings and farewells etc. The photographer needs to be highly experienced and have an artistic eye for details and creativity, then only he/she can find the candid moments during the event.

Traditional photography is a very classic way of taking photographs, by staging people to pose for the shoot.For example during the ashirwad or the blessings given by the elderly members to the couple in a wedding, generally we ask them to pose and take the click. Even the group photos of the relatives and family members with the couple is considered as traditional photo.

Indian wedding photography needs a mixture of both candid and traditional photography. In the candid style of taking photos the photographer moves around the wedding area to hunt for that special moment. He catches people in their true nature as they go about during the wedding rituals and formalities. It captures people when they are not aware of their pictures being taken. Candid photography has a new appeal to it and new generation couples prefer candid photography over traditional photography even when the cost of candid photography is higher.

There is also a difference with the kind of gear that is being used by the candid photographer and the traditional photographers. Traditional photographers have this luxury of staging the shots , he can choose the shoot location, tune in the perfect lighting and camera settings and held his camera on a tripod and take the shot. This reduces the cost of the equipment carried by traditional photographers as it need not be very fast camera with very high ISO etc. A candid photographer however has to take the shots in very unpredictable situations and he needs to be equipped with high end camera and lens, prime lens and high ISO i.e Sony 7R 4 or Canon 5D Mark IV. Also he will need a telephoto zoom lens like 70-200 mm for capturing the shots from a distance and not interfering in the scene.

In traditional photoshoot, the photographer takes a photo typically keeping the subjects or the couple at the very center looking at the camera with all the smile and glitter, which is not at all bad but imagine all your photos to be of the same kind ! Won’t it will be monotonous and boring.

A candid photographer will not ask you to pose and will keep an eye on you, on the proceedings and ongoing rituals and whenever he gets a perfect moment he just snaps it and HOLA !! you get the best Candid Photograph of your life. It’s said than done, hence the photographer needs to be highly experienced. For highly professional Photoshoot you can contact some of the Best Wedding Photographers (Digiart Photography).

Now as I said earlier in Indian wedding both traditional and candid photography is a must. The candid photographer will focus on the moments while the traditional photographer will show you the wider picture of the stage, the venue and the guests.

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